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Reunion Vacation Planning

Posted on 18 June 2014 by luther


If you are planning a family vacation, romantic travel or other cheap holiday and trips.

Expect to find great vacation deals with a lot of research elbo grease. THINK RESEARCH!

What went into the All America Reunion Vacation this year?


 Well, the quick answer is… It took about 1 month of constant planning. Once we decided that we were going to travel by train as the primary method of transportation, namely a 30 day  Amtrak Rail Pass .

It is good for 12 stops. As it turned out, we had 4 left unused.

I started with the concept of:
I knew when I was starting.
I knew when I had to be back in San Diego.

The first two steps were a to plan and book the leaving and coming back to San Diego. Once that was set and booked,  the time in between was for the vacation, and  it was just a matter of taking the next train segment and determining where you could go and still make it to the final train back to San Diego. When the plan required it a plane segment was added.

bowery_grand_hotel_new_york The entire project took a month of constant researc. transit schedules, city maps, activity locations.

There is much more to the planning … namely where to stay. To make things flow, you really have to stay very close to where your activities are or in my case, the train stations!

Staying close to transportation will make coming and going SO MUCH EASIER.

In addition, it was important that hotels were as inexpensive as possible.For example, finding a place to stay in New York City  was a horror story. It took nearly five or six hours of constant research and trying to book a good deal,  but I finally came across the Bowery Grand Hotel, right in the middle of lower Manhattan, next to two subway stations that go everywherel you want to go in New York.

After you coordinate places to stay, organize the rental cars.  You can then coordinate daytime activities to maximize the most you can do everyday. Make minor adjustments until everything finally fits very smoothly… luckily the way it ended up in this case. (Knock on wood.)

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