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Reunion All America Vacation

Posted on 18 June 2014 by luther

The starting point of this years  Reunion All America Vacation

Get ready for a fun-filled summer with this years  Reunion All America Vacation

When the idea came to me to to visit additional vacation spots as tribute to the exciting 50 year reunion at Grossmont class of 1964.I had to plan around being in San Diego on September 12

I started looking at train schedules. I quickly concluded I could go much farther from San Diego than I had first thought.

However, the farther away I went, the more time it was going to take.
How long should the All America Vacation take? As it turned out, amusement park schedules, te Amtrak 30 Day Rail Pass, put the number at 30 days.

Further research into the various activities and schedules let me to conclude that the 30 days before the reunion would be best. That led me to the idea of The 30 Day Countdown to the Grossmont High School Class of 1964  50 Year  Golden Reunion.


Next, I had to plan how far I could go in 30 days. How much time could I spend in each of those locations and still get back in time. It was necessary to start at the beginning and end.
When they were finalized, I could fill in whatever would fill  the remaining time in between, staying at each city long enough to do the important things.


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The All America Vacation
This summer, put away your passport and explore the good ‘ole USA! Get a full taste of Americana and marvel at the nation’s wonders with this years All America Vacation.

Journey to America’s greatest national memorials, monuments and museums. See the landmarks that capture America's most important moments and experience the countrys most iconic activities. And have FUN!

All in 30 days!

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