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What Will Be Included?

Posted on 18 June 2014 by luther

disney-worldThe trip is 30 days beginning on the 12th of August 2014 on the island of Kauai in Hawaii and culminating with the Grossmont High School Class of 1964 Golden 50 Year Reunion in San Diego CA on September 12, 2014 and we will go to a dozen cities and do all the cool things.

What things? You silently scream.

The 2014 All America Vacation will include:

Transportation by planes, trains and automobiles.

We will have 1 to 4 day stopovers in a dozen cities
Travel through half a dozen national parks

See the Great Lakes

Party for 2 days in Las Vegas

libertyWe will take 6 of the top rated classic Amtrak trains in the United States:
The Empire Builder
The Lake Shore Limited
The Carolinian
The Silver Meteor
The California Zephyr
The Pacific Starlighter

We will go to amusement parks:

Magic Mountain
Cedar Point
Coney Island
Six flags Great Adventure
Disney World
EPCOT Center
Universal Studios
Water parks at several of the amusement parks.

While in the cities of Chicago, New York and Washington DC we will see all the
Museums and monuments.
And there are a lot!Behemoth

We will visit the tops of the two highest buildings in the United States.
(The new World Trade Center wont be open till next year – bummer)
We will take double decker tours around Chicago
A subway train ride to Coney Island
We will visit up inside the Statue of Liberty

Take a high speed boat ride around New York Harbor.
We will ride a bike in Central Park.
Go to the top of the Washington Monument.

We will go to 2 football games.
We will go to 3 baseball games.

We will go on six of the 10 highest roller coasters in the United States.

All of this … In only 30 days!!

Culminating with the Grossmont High School Golden 50 Year Reunion in San Diego on September 12, 2014.




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The All America Vacation
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Journey to America’s greatest national memorials, monuments and museums. See the landmarks that capture America's most important moments and experience the countrys most iconic activities. And have FUN!

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