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Important Current Trip Update

Posted on 06 September 2014 by luther

The Trip Continues  Day 25

Today is Saturday Sept 6 and we just landed in Denver.

I choose to take the $11.50 bus to the center of Denver it’s the easiest and fastest way  (1/2 price seniors)

The Plan was to  edit video and  upload the imagery for this website, the All America Vacation Facebook Page and the YouTube channel for All America Vacation. and make those posts every day……………

Well…….the fact is I have over 300 videos and 2000+ pictures   …  over 150 Gb of imagery.  I will fill  in the basic  Posts and a couple of images for each Day

But I have front seat, HD videos of  25,  of the top 50 roller coasters in the US .

That’s just roller coasters…

There  are videos of everything on the Schedule page… Everything! And much more … and every main photo will be the first of a 10 plus slide show.

BOTTOM LINE….. IT will take 3 weeks to get most things in

More things will go in every day.

When its finished it will include the 50 Year Reunion Party and more.

Please keep checking back


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Vacation Tips

Posted on 18 June 2014 by luther

Look for discounts.

  • Do make sure you plan how long it will take to travel. Include breaks if you don’t like travelling or if you have little ones!
  • Bring a map if you’re driving there!
  • Be prepared for the weather. Watch the weather channel for when and where you’ll be gone. Bring clothing appropriate for what the weather will be and something that’s not according to the weather in case it decides to change.
  • Plan as far ahead in advance as possible.
  • If you must change planes, try to arrange so if you have stopovers or anything that it is in a nice airport, so if you have an unexpected (or expected) long layover, you won’t go berserk.

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All America Vacation? How Much?

Posted on 18 June 2014 by luther

Estimate the total cost of your vacation. Be sure to include restaurants (food & drink per person each day),  transportation gas for the vehicle to get there, back, and to places nearby where you’ll be staying, hotel rooms per night, and any other activities that you plan on doing. (Amusement parks, swimming, the zoo, etc.) Make sure to ad a Per Diem for spending money. Use a spreadsheet to organize things.


  • If the trip seems a bit pricey, you may want to consider looking harder for discounts. You can normally find accommodation and travel discounts online. A vacation like the All America Vacation – Reunion planned for this summer can not be done without the internet. While you’re at the site, they can also help plan your trip.
  • Work around the price. Normally if you’re visiting family in another state, you can stay at one of their houses overnight (if there’s enough room for everyone). (Free showers, food, television, and bed!) And if you offer to pay for the gas, you can normally borrow a neighbor’s “extra” vehicle for free and they’ll take care of any animals while you’re gone. And if you buy a gas card, you can save money on the gas! You just gotta think ahead!
  • Work some overtime at your job before you ask for a week/weekend off for vacation. They’ll be more likely to give it to you when you want it.
  • Research, Research and more Research will allow you to make all the pieces fit more smoothly together. to not use the internet to the max will cost you time, money and inconvience or make your trip a horror story.

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What Will Be Included?

Posted on 18 June 2014 by luther

disney-worldThe trip is 30 days beginning on the 12th of August 2014 on the island of Kauai in Hawaii and culminating with the Grossmont High School Class of 1964 Golden 50 Year Reunion in San Diego CA on September 12, 2014 and we will go to a dozen cities and do all the cool things.

What things? You silently scream.

The 2014 All America Vacation will include:

Transportation by planes, trains and automobiles.

We will have 1 to 4 day stopovers in a dozen cities
Travel through half a dozen national parks

See the Great Lakes

Party for 2 days in Las Vegas

libertyWe will take 6 of the top rated classic Amtrak trains in the United States:
The Empire Builder
The Lake Shore Limited
The Carolinian
The Silver Meteor
The California Zephyr
The Pacific Starlighter

We will go to amusement parks:

Magic Mountain
Cedar Point
Coney Island
Six flags Great Adventure
Disney World
EPCOT Center
Universal Studios
Water parks at several of the amusement parks.

While in the cities of Chicago, New York and Washington DC we will see all the
Museums and monuments.
And there are a lot!Behemoth

We will visit the tops of the two highest buildings in the United States.
(The new World Trade Center wont be open till next year – bummer)
We will take double decker tours around Chicago
A subway train ride to Coney Island
We will visit up inside the Statue of Liberty

Take a high speed boat ride around New York Harbor.
We will ride a bike in Central Park.
Go to the top of the Washington Monument.

We will go to 2 football games.
We will go to 3 baseball games.

We will go on six of the 10 highest roller coasters in the United States.

All of this … In only 30 days!!

Culminating with the Grossmont High School Golden 50 Year Reunion in San Diego on September 12, 2014.




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Reunion Vacation Planning

Posted on 18 June 2014 by luther


If you are planning a family vacation, romantic travel or other cheap holiday and trips.

Expect to find great vacation deals with a lot of research elbo grease. THINK RESEARCH!

What went into the All America Reunion Vacation this year?


 Well, the quick answer is… It took about 1 month of constant planning. Once we decided that we were going to travel by train as the primary method of transportation, namely a 30 day  Amtrak Rail Pass .

It is good for 12 stops. As it turned out, we had 4 left unused.

I started with the concept of:
I knew when I was starting.
I knew when I had to be back in San Diego.

The first two steps were a to plan and book the leaving and coming back to San Diego. Once that was set and booked,  the time in between was for the vacation, and  it was just a matter of taking the next train segment and determining where you could go and still make it to the final train back to San Diego. When the plan required it a plane segment was added.

bowery_grand_hotel_new_york The entire project took a month of constant researc. transit schedules, city maps, activity locations.

There is much more to the planning … namely where to stay. To make things flow, you really have to stay very close to where your activities are or in my case, the train stations!

Staying close to transportation will make coming and going SO MUCH EASIER.

In addition, it was important that hotels were as inexpensive as possible.For example, finding a place to stay in New York City  was a horror story. It took nearly five or six hours of constant research and trying to book a good deal,  but I finally came across the Bowery Grand Hotel, right in the middle of lower Manhattan, next to two subway stations that go everywherel you want to go in New York.

After you coordinate places to stay, organize the rental cars.  You can then coordinate daytime activities to maximize the most you can do everyday. Make minor adjustments until everything finally fits very smoothly… luckily the way it ended up in this case. (Knock on wood.)

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Reunion All America Vacation

Posted on 18 June 2014 by luther

The starting point of this years  Reunion All America Vacation

Get ready for a fun-filled summer with this years  Reunion All America Vacation

When the idea came to me to to visit additional vacation spots as tribute to the exciting 50 year reunion at Grossmont class of 1964.I had to plan around being in San Diego on September 12

I started looking at train schedules. I quickly concluded I could go much farther from San Diego than I had first thought.

However, the farther away I went, the more time it was going to take.
How long should the All America Vacation take? As it turned out, amusement park schedules, te Amtrak 30 Day Rail Pass, put the number at 30 days.

Further research into the various activities and schedules let me to conclude that the 30 days before the reunion would be best. That led me to the idea of The 30 Day Countdown to the Grossmont High School Class of 1964  50 Year  Golden Reunion.


Next, I had to plan how far I could go in 30 days. How much time could I spend in each of those locations and still get back in time. It was necessary to start at the beginning and end.
When they were finalized, I could fill in whatever would fill  the remaining time in between, staying at each city long enough to do the important things.


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